I did it, I did it!  I finished the standalone piece I began last night, the piece of flash fiction.  Even edited it!  No procrastination from the writer today.  So far, incredibly strong beginning to Sunday, which would be my…  OH yes, I don’t have days off.  And I don’t want them.  I’d have noContinue reading “journal”

1, 3, 4, 2

Over 2k before noon.  Guess that means something, for the day, my Now.  If anything, that I’ve been active.  Creative.  Do want to go for a drive.  But haven’t taken a shower, yet.  Heater on, just for a bit.  All I can afford.  Mocha done, onto Diet Coke.  Want to sip coffee, though, as IContinue reading “1, 3, 4, 2”