inward jot – 12/6/17

This morning I keep thinking of what Kerouac said, about one day finding the right words and that they’d be simple.  And yesterday working with students on final paper directions and thesis statements, what they wanted to say with the final written work…. Do what you want.  Whatever’s in your head, be it a nayContinue reading “inward jot – 12/6/17”

from book

Day 7, 8/1/17.  Up, going, a little late.  Will finish grading today, later, and put a harsh dent in book.  No coffee in house, I noticed, so I may just fly over to Hopper and get one.  Had $0.50 “refill” yesterday in tumbler rather than my tempted mocha.  This morning I’ll treat Self to mocha,Continue reading “from book”

Début de mon Scène

Finished a short piece for the first issue of Mise, in ten minutes.  A writing exercise, timed as I have the students do.  Now here at the Vine Street sbux, I type and notice that the crowd is thin, not much of anyone around me as I like.. Approaching in car, parking spot opens.  FirstContinue reading “Début de mon Scène”