Wine WriteMaking

Tomorrow, event at AV Winery.  “Taste of Alexander Valley,” you can bet I’ll have my camera equipment on person.  More interested in video, than stills, for some reason.  Did a beer tasting at work, one I’ve never before sipped, with three coworkers–Drew, Beth, David.  Now, sipping ’09 Merlot (8% Petite Sirah, 3% Cab blended in). Continue reading “Wine WriteMaking”

Before 5

Writing to rain.  Need to go for a drive, one short.  Maybe to the bookstore, bring a notebook in case ideas precipitate as well.  Sipping some berry-flavored sparkling.  Water, that is.  No bubbles for a while, although they sound nice now, paired with some strawberries, dark chocolate…  More wishes.  Cleaned out my work bag, soContinue reading “Before 5”