11/25/12.  Tonight, Sauv Blanc.  Bottle I took home tonight.  Friend of mine, owning her own business–no, not Kelly–just […]

11/24/12.  Didn’t post last night’s session.  But I will tomorrow, at some point.  Just finished my student’s recommendation […]

dayNotes — More honesty in prose; manicure it till each character on line sprouts in divine shine. Wine, […]

[11/15/12]  Little Kerouac’s 9th month on planet, today.  Much more important than entanglements with tech.  His vocal tendencies, […]

Step slow to park. Minimalist math in mechanical drab. Cooked quick, need sales. Is it “authentic.” Depends. My […]

Completely turned around I blame the tech. Always. Not Convenient consciousness from Me. Why couldn’t I be at […]