Now, of the moment, I truly am.  Opened the 2012 TR Elliot Pinot I bought at Cellars the […]

2/18/14.  Didn’t write this morning, as I wasn’t in the mood.  Rather, went to winery early, as to […]

Nearly finished with Napa Supplemental Questions.  After ‘100’, I’ll be retiring to the library, finish application completely.  10:18AM, […]

9:35AM.  Love writing a day’s thousand before 10.  Thank this semester’s schedule.  Still thinking about the ‘5’ papers […]

One class done, I’m going to lighten load.  Drop many items off into car’s trunk.  Then, meeting with […]

11/26/13–  9:02am.  Leaving for café.  Quite excited, I’ll disclose.  Motivated by a reader’s response, this morning.  Already had […]