As the wine thoughts upon me fall, I just think of the Road, long ceaseless skyways and clouds, […]

Checked out a daycare for Emma, for later in the year.  The owner had an assistant who’s soon […]

Not up at 4, but 6:11, now looking at 6:22.  Both lectures went well, with passionate rumbles from […]

Healdsburg.  Its own character.  Where I want my office, where I’d love to have my own tasting room, […]

Next day.  Oakville again, just not as much time to write this session, or sitting.  Thought this morning:  […]

More than just immersing myself in this morning in downtown Healdsburg which is so eager to give way […]

Young man at Starbucks said “Okay there you go.” “What do I owe you?” I said. “Well you […]

While shaving, brushing teeth, could feel my cold, flu, whatever this bug’s to be deemed in established retreat.  […]