Next day.  Oakville again, just not as much time to write this session, or sitting.  Thought this morning:  […]

First, nowhere to write here in downtown ‘burg, Square. Not at the bookstore, or repugnant Flying Goat, or […]

Second cup of coffee, and I just said to my daughter, “Okay, Emmie, we’re going to coffee our […]

Why the fuck do I have to be sick today, yesterday, now?  Have to write myself out of […]

When a wine writer is sick, goes home sick from a winery, can’t taste wine at home, it’s […]

Acting’s though I’ve been excommunicated from the wine world, especially its industry, and focusing on my students; my […]

After mornings like this one, I used to simply let myself fall into that pessimist’s pit.  So what […]

Tired.  Sick.  But I have to keep going.  Done with cough drop.  Now, coffee.  And the med’ roast […]