Do IT Yourself

More coffee.  Why not.  I’m up, I’m going, I’m not stopping.  Will walk into winery someone they’ve never before met, worked with.  Everything will be music, my music, for my story— Thinking like a serious artist that only pays bills from what he creates.  What I make at Winery and teaching goes to bills, wife, babies.  New business plan, new me, more coffee.  No ‘why not’, just the impulse to do.  Why am I realizing this at my age.  Who cares.  After the fire, I have new fire— new creative fire.

06:49 and I am not interested in going back to bed or ever sleeping again.

Do IT myself.  What’s ‘it’?  IT.  The story, me, what I want and what I see for my family… driving around that property yesterday rewrote my cascade of aims.  I will do all myself.  No need to wish for tools or connections, some pat of luck.  No.  I’m equipped.  More than advantageously.

Know that whatever you want is not a want.  It’s a reality that exists and is more than attainable.  Just do.  Get IT.  Yourself.  All by yourself.  It’ll taste better.